Charger1 3 ways kit for ROCK SHOX fork

  • Charger1 3 ways kit for ROCK SHOX fork
Charger1 3 ways kit for ROCK SHOX fork

Charger1 3 ways kit for ROCK SHOX fork


Charger 3 ways, sealed cartridge for ROCK SHOX PIKE and BOXXER

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
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The Charger Damper sealed cartridge was a massive evolution for ROCK SHOX.
Released in 2014 in the Pike, it is now available in other ROCK SHOX models.

Although it has great qualities, it also has some flaws!

We have designed our kit following this program:

  • Stage 1: field test to gather as much data and “feeling” as possible on the stock setting
  • Stage 2: we have then compared our “feelings” to the data provided by our test bench
  • Stage 3: disassembling of the cartridge to analyse Rock Shox’s conception


  1. The Low Speed dial has a very limited action, on the 15 available clicks, only the first 5 (from fully closed) have an effect, nothing more happens passed that point.
  2. The oil flow is struggling during the rebound stage because of the compression’s piston design.
  3. The holes in the compression’s piston are massive so no matter the valving, the results will not vary much.

Ideally, a cartridge with only a Slow Speed Compression dial would need a personalised valving for each individual rider, which is impossible for Rock Shox and its mass production scheme. Secondly, the piston’s design doesn’t allow any custom modifications because of the too important oil flow. Thirdly, why have 15 clicks of LS Compression when only 5 are useful?

With all these findings, we have designed our own H&L Speed kit for the Pike and Boxxer cartridges. Providing 24 clicks, precise and efficient, for the Low Speed Compression and 24 clicks to finely tune your High Speed Compression.

Charger 1 compatible only (not Charger 2).

The kit can only be installed by us at the indicated price (installation included in the price).

Charger Damper