RIDE E shock (Enduro)

  • RIDE E shock (Enduro)
  • RIDE E shock (Enduro)
  • RIDE E shock (Enduro)
  • RIDE E shock (Enduro)
  • RIDE E shock (Enduro)

RIDE E shock (Enduro)


Sometines, simpler is better !

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After 2 years of work, and the first prototypes tested during the velovert festival show in June 2022, we offer you the RIDE E.

We based the design of the RIDE E shock on the real needs of riders and the often-heard request for ‘a very smooth shock and doesn’t bottom out harshly’.

To achieve our goal, we wanted to keep the same quality standards as the Fenix, our top-of-the-range custom-fitted shock absorber, as well as some of its components such as the VDP piston, which provides unequalled smoothness and comfort.

Our hydraulic bottom-out system required additional development time to fully meet our expectations. For example, we don’t have a sticky feeling on the rebound.

As a result, we have:

- a three-position lever for compression adjustment (open, flow, climb)

- a speed-sensitive HBO on the last 25% of the stroke

- an external low-speed rebound adjustment

Each shock is valved according to the bike’s kinematics.

The shock absorber is sold without a spring or hardware.

Sizes available:

Standard > 210x55/52.5/50, 230x65/62.5/60/57.5

Trunnion > 185x55/52.5/50, 205x65/62.5/60/57.5


RIDE manual

Download (4.02MB)

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