A) Price

Our prices are based on the following conditions (based on Incoterms 2000, C.C.I. Publication No. 500):
  • Delivery EXW Fast Suspension Plestan, in standard packaging, before 31/12/2020
  • Shipping by Fedex (for professionals), Chronopost, Colissimo or Mondial Relay according to your choice
  • All duties, taxes and possible inspection fees at the customer's expense

B) Supply Limits

The supply limits are clearly indicated in the quote and the order (see § Scope of supply).

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the dimensions, weights, shapes, performances, equipment specifications, and indications of our catalogs and / or data sheets are given for information only.

Fast Suspension reserves the right to modify at any time certain specifications of its supplies, if these modifications do not affect their main characteristics, and if Fast Suspension substitutes for them characteristics ensuring the supplies of performance and quality at least equivalent, while even they would implement different means.

C) Delivery time and schedule

The order becomes effective and is only taken into account for the delivery time after final agreement on all technical and commercial points, receipt of the order form on paper at the head of the customer, receipt of payment by one of the means indicated below and cashing it.

The delivery time is given as an indication at the time of the quote and runs from the receipt of the price. It is confirmed on the order or the order acknowledgment.

FAST SUSPENSION disclaims any liability in the context of a sale to a professional when the package leaves the company and is supported by the carrier.

The package is therefore the responsibility of the buyer from the start of the package, from our warehouse to delivery to the address indicated.
You can transport your valuable equipment. In this case, thank you to contact us to establish an estimate.

D) Payment

Unless stipulated otherwise, payment is made by credit card or LCR at 30 days net, all expenses borne by the buyer, payable according to the following terms:
  • 100% at the disposal EXW Fast Suspension Plestan

E) Validity of our offer

30 days

F) Warranty

3 months after billing date EXW Fast Suspension Plestan.

Our guarantee is limited to the only replacement or repair (at the option of Fast Suspension) of the proven parts defective by our Technical Service, provided that:
  • The equipment has been installed, driven and maintained according to our specifications and recommendations.
  • No modifications have been made to the equipment concerned by the Customer without the prior written consent of Fast Suspension
  • Deterioration and / or abnormal wear is not the consequence of faulty installation, chemical, environmental, atmospheric, electrical or other influences not resulting from Fast Suspension

Wear parts are not covered by our warranty. The warranty is automatically invalidated if the installation is changed without the written consent of Fast Suspension.

Replaced parts remain the property of Fast Suspension.

The guarantee is effective only if the customer is up to date with his payments

G) Industrial and intellectual property - Confidentiality

Unless stipulated otherwise, Fast Suspension remains the owner of all information, all concepts (ideas or strategies, methodologies...) of all specifications and all documents (studies, drawings, plans, diagrams, notices, calculation notes, reports of tests...) of all objects (models, samples, specimens...) including patents and know-how, delivered or sent to the customer as part of the pre-contract or preliminary studies, or implemented as part of the provision of services, including design, studies, research and development, technical assistance, etc.

The Customer must return to Fast Suspension the documents, objects... defined in the paragraph above:
  • At the first request of Fast Suspension if no contract is concluded between the Customer and Fast Suspension
  • After execution of the contract in case of agreement concluded with the Customer

Unless otherwise stipulated, Fast Suspension remains the owner of the results obtained in the context of design, research, research and development... And its internationally patented processes.

As a general rule, the Customer may not use the industrial and intellectual property rights belonging to Fast Suspension (including those arising from results of study, research and development contracts, etc.) after signing a contract. license, even if the right of use is granted free of charge.

The Customer agrees to treat as confidential all information and all commercial and technical documents, as well as all objects entrusted to it, and refrains from communicating them and / or transmitting them in any way whatsoever to third parties, except with the prior written consent of Fast Suspension.

H) Transfer of risks - Retention of title

By mutual agreement between the parties, the present sale will be considered as realized only after receipt by Fast Suspension of the whole price in principal and accessories. As long as the price is not fully cashed by Fast Suspension, the material will remain the property of the seller, even in case of integration into a mobile. For lack of full payment of the price, the claim may be exercised on the materials subject of the present, under the provisions of Law No. 80.335 of May 12, 1980 (Retention of Ownership). Notwithstanding any clause to the contrary provisions, the transfer of risks to the buyer and the obligation for him to ensure the conservation of the delivered thing is determined and defined by the Incoterm used for this order.

I) Indirect damages

Fast Suspension expressly excludes any liability for direct or indirect material or immaterial damage, and compensation for any financial loss resulting in particular from loss of profit or profit, production or exploitation, deprivation of a right, loss of interruption of a service rendered by a person, equipment... Or chance of contracting, or any other consequential economic or indirect damage whatsoever, provided that the exclusions are compatible with the legal provisions in force. force, of an imperative nature.

The Client guarantees the waiver of recourse by his insurers or third parties in a contractual situation with him, against Fast Suspension or its insurers beyond the limits and for the exclusions set out above.

J) Force Majeure

Each of the parties is exempt from its obligations under the contract where performance is prevented or rendered unreasonably burdensome in any of the following circumstances: labor disputes and any other circumstances external to the parties whether fire, war (declared or not), general mobilization, insurrection, requisition, state of crisis, strike, embargo, energy restrictions and defects or delays in the supplies of subcontractors resulting from the circumstances mentioned in this clause.

The party requesting the application of this clause must notify the other party immediately and in writing of the beginning and end of the circumstance thus qualified.

If the Force Majeure prevents the buyer from fulfilling his obligations, he must compensate the seller for the costs resulting from the production and security of the product.

K) Termination of the contract - Cancellation of order

Failure to comply with any of its obligations by the Customer authorizes Fast Suspension to terminate the contract in whole or in part, by operation of law and without judicial formalities, to take back the products already delivered, to claim damages and interest. , repair the damage suffered, and to keep, as such, at least the sums already received, or in the absence of advance payment already paid, to charge as compensation at least 10% of the value of the order.

The termination will take effect eight (8) calendar days after sending to Fast Suspension Client a formal notice by registered letter with A.R. remained unsuccessful.

L) Litigation and applicable law

All different arising from this contract will be settled by French law before the Commercial Court of Saint Malo (35400, France).

M) Privacy Policy

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