Fenix Enduro Shock V1

  • Fenix Enduro Shock V1
  • Fenix Enduro Shock V1
  • Fenix Enduro Shock V1
  • Fenix Enduro Shock V1
  • Fenix Enduro Shock V1

Fenix Enduro Shock V1


Fenix the new enduro standard. A 100% no compromise MTB shock, metric, standard mount.

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Already up in the EWS top ten!

How was the Fenix born?
The Fenix stemmed from the idea of having a shock as efficient as a downhill shock with an integrated climb mode that stays totally independent from the other adjustments.

Why go for a coil spring and not an air spring?
When aiming at efficiency, we automatically go for a coil spring, due to its great sensitivity and its perfect linearity, it provides great sensitivity, improves the grip of the rear wheel and gives more support in the mid-stroke.

The key elements:

  • 100% CNC
  • Alloy 7075 T6 made and anodized with a PTFE impregnation to reduce friction.
  • Monobloc Shaft + eyelet = stiffer and stronger.
  • A membrane is used to reduce friction and heat.viton Shaft seals for better heat resistance.
  • VDP piston = better traction control.
  • 3 independent compression circuits LS – MS – HS = perfect ground flattening.

In short, the Fenix delivers:
+ grip
+ control
+ safety
+ performance
+ speed

Shock weigt without spring : 

In 230 x 65 mm, 500 gr

In 210 x 55mm, 490 gr

Price includes:

  • The shock, the spring and bushings
  • The first service after 12 months or 100 hours

As our shock absorbers are made-to-measure products, assembly is carried out at the time of the order.

The usual processing time is therefore 7 to 10 days.


FENIX user manual FR

Download (693.73KB)


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Fenix Presentation

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