RIDE D shock (DH)

  • RIDE D shock (DH)
  • RIDE D shock (DH)
  • RIDE D shock (DH)
  • RIDE D shock (DH)
  • RIDE D shock (DH)
  • RIDE D shock (DH)

RIDE D shock (DH)


Several years in the making


From 04/10 until 31/12/2023

Pour l'achat d'un amortisseur RIDE, d'un ressort et d'un kit axe

Ressort et kit axe offerts avec le code JUSTRIDE

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The RIDE D is the result of the experience gained during our 2019 Downhill World Cup overall victory with Tracey Hannah.

We use the separate low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed compression that we have been testing over the course of several seasons with our elite riders, in particular Ian Guionnet.

The grip, support and impact management are unrivalled.

Our hydraulic bottom-out system required additional development time to fully meet our expectations.

For example, we don’t have a sticky feeling on the rebound.

As a result, we have:

- externally adjustable low-speed and medium-speed compression, and internal high-speed compression

- a speed-sensitive HBO on the last 25% of the stroke

- an external low-speed rebound adjustment. Each shock is valved according to the bike’s kinematics.

The shock absorber is sold without a spring or hardware.

Sizes available:

Standard > 250x75/72.5/70, 230x65/62.5/60/57.5

Trunnion > 225x75/72.5/70, 205x65/62.5/60/57.5


RIDE manual

Download (4.02MB)

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